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1.Use shaped labels for your drills.

Labeling your drills is important in helping you identify different colored drills from each other, especially if they are in the same color family. But a great way to eliminate confusion between square and round drills is to use labels that are shaped in the way of the drills. If you have a lot of leftover diamonds from your older paintings, this can be a great way to sort those diamonds out.

2.Re-purpose old boxes to store your supplies.

It is always satisfying to find use for acute, old shoebox or chocolate box that you had been hoarding for the longest time, hoping it would be of use one day. Repurpose these boxes or tins for drill storage to help counter some of your carbon footprint as well as have a cute, personalized storage system for your beads.

3.Make art with the beads that are left over.

A lot of frequent diamond painters will agree with me that sometimes the amount of all those leftover beads can be overwhelming. While some people throw the beads out, good use can come out of it. You can create different types of mosaic arts with the beads, or decorate anything from phone covers to notebook covers.

4.Store your diamond painting separately.

Some diamond paintings take longer to be completed than others. It can be annoying for the painter to keep moving their supplies every time they continue with the painting, and cause loss of time too. Keep your diamond painting covered and on a separate surface where it will be ready to be picked up again in no time. Diamond painting stands can also be a great addition to your kit if you do not have an appropriate place to store your incomplete diamond paintings in.

5.Buy a multi-purpose organizer to store your supplies.

There are many types of multi-use organizers, some of which have adjustable slots, to help store your whole kit in one place. If you are not great with repurposing or going the extra mile to store your kit, or you do not have the time, buying such an organizer will make your painting with diamonds experience a lot more fun and convenient.

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